The Trifecta Approach: A Comprehensive Program For Optimized Recovery

The Trifecta Approach: A Comprehensive Program For Optimized Recovery

Author: Dr. Reza Jazayeri


The Xcelerated Recovery (XR) Optimization Bundle is a comprehensive program for improving patient outcomes with orthopedic surgery. This is based on the trifecta approach designed to enhance a patient's overall health status before, during, and after surgery.  This approach combines prehabilitation, nutritional supplementation, and a muscle-centric diet to enhance patient recovery and reduce the risk of complications.

Preparing for a successful recovery starts prior to surgery. Each patient will receive access to our prehabilitation app, MHT. You will be provided a procedure specific exercise protocol to start getting fit for your surgery. Multiple studies have demonstrated that patients who participate in presurgical therapy exercises (Prehab) have improved outcomes and less complications.

The next major component of the XR recovery program is proper nutrition. This is based on a muscle-centric dietary  program that takes into account all the important variables for promoting muscle recovery with orthopedic surgery, including macronutrient composition, timing, distribution, protein quality, and quantity. Proper nutrition is crucial for healing and recovery, and the program aims to determine all of these variables for each individual patient as part of the program.  The XR muscle-centric calculator will provide customized diet recommendations and sample meal plans for each patient, ensuring that they receive the proper nutrition needed to promote healing and recovery. This personalized approach to nutrition is supported by research, which has shown that patients with poor nutritional status  who receive nutritional intervention have improved outcomes after elective joint arthroplasty (W. C. Schroer 2019).

The best form of obtaining nutrients is through eating whole foods. In the setting of surgery however, the body experiences a tremendous amount of stress and increased need for key nutrients (Hirsch, M., et al. 2021). During this phase of increased metabolic demand, nutritional supplementation with such key nutrients are vital to optimizing the healing process and mitigating the stress response to surgery.

Nutritional supplementation using specific nutrients (link to our ingredients) that are essential for promoting healing and recovery is termed Targeted Nutritional Supplementation(TNS). Advances in nutritional science have led to multiple studies demonstrating the benefits of TNS in improving outcomes, decreasing complications and faster recovery in orthopedic surgery patients. 

In addition, the XR protocol mitigates the stress response during surgery by avoiding the traditional, outdated fasting protocol (where patients are to avoid any food/drink after midnight prior surgery). Instead, by providing you with these key nutrients which are consumed at least 3 hours prior to surgery, the body is kept in a “fed” state and better prepared to handle the stress of surgery and begin the healing process. This progressive approach has been demonstrated to not only be safe but promote patient wellness and improved outcomes. Pre-op nutritional support  minimizes the compounded stress of surgery and fasting and adheres to anesthesia approved (ERAS: Enhanced Recovery After Surgery) protocols.   

The Xcelerated Recovery Optimization Program is an innovative approach to improving patient outcomes before, during, and after orthopedic surgery. By combining prehabilitation, nutritional supplementation, and a muscle-centric diet, this approach can help to improve functional outcomes, and speed up recovery time. This research based approach encompasses the key variables to optimizing your overall health and empowers each patient to take an active role in optimizing their outcome.

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