Are you a healthcare provider, organization, or facility, that would like to learn how to implement perioperative nutritional support?

    • Lack of time 
    • Resistance to change
    • Poor communication, collaboration, and coordination between departments and patients
    • Lack of clinical data and information
    • High staff turnover
    • Lack of hospital management support and resources

Our goal is to provide an effective optimization program that can be efficiently integrated into an Orthopaedic surgery pre-operative workflow.

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Anesthesia/ Pre-op Carbohydrate loading




General Surgery

    • Create a standardized nutritional protocol that works for your patients
    • Minimize the time it takes to educate and council patients on perioperative nutrition
    • Eliminate order processing responsibilities for the staff
    • Reduce the risk of complications
    • Improve clinical outcomes
    • Provide opportunity for cost savings
    • Customized Surgical Recovery Patient Protocols
    • Physician and staff educational resources
    • Patient educational resources
    • A commitment to helping you and your patients meet their goals
    • Introductory call to learn if the Pre-Surgical Optimization Program is right for you and your patients
    • On-boarding and optional site walk-through 
    • Physician and staff educational workshops in-person or on Zoom
    • In-office personalized QR code signage for patient referral tracking
    • Wholesale options available

Future trends in Orthopaedics: Nutritional advancements as a key component in surgical optimization programs.

Nutritional status is a strong predictor of post-operative outcomes and recognized as a key variable of surgical optimization programs.

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