Augmenting the Biology

Essential Amino acids are the substrates required for muscle protein, bone and collagen synthesis.

Surgery is a catabolic state that requires elevated amounts of amino acids to support healing and recovery.

XR® is a targeted nutritional supplementation formulated with amino acids and clinically proven ingredients to support wound healing and muscle recovery.

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  • Key to my post surgical recovery!

    "XR recovery supplement is key to my great recovery. I'm a physical therapist and had a hip replacement. XR gave me a big boost post PT sessions and really gave me confidence that I was getting all of the important protiens to optimize my healing. If you're having surgery, this should be part of your recovery."


  • Comprehensive product!

    "As a sports medicine clinician with rehab and strength experience, I am continually evaluating products that could enhance recovery and improve performance. XR seems to check both of those “boxes” as a supplement in my opinion, and does so without including ingredients of reduced quality. I am also impressed with the appropriate dosing of each individual ingredient for the purposes of healing, recovery, reducing inflammation and muscle synthesis. Such a comprehensive product."


  • Transformative

    "I've been using BCAAs for years to support recovery, but this formula blows that away. I'm deep into the biohacking space using peptides and ToT to optimize health and fitness, and this is the best product I've found to speed recovery. Simply amazing how fast it helps the body heal and get ready for more."


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