Advanced Recovery with XR® Amino Acid Therapy Protocols

At XR®, we're dedicated to pioneering solutions that support your journey through surgical recovery. Our products, designed with the latest scientific insights, focus on optimizing your healing process. Central to our innovative approach is the use of Amino Acid Perioperative and Intravenous (AA IV) Therapies—a cutting-edge protocol that can significantly enhance recovery during and after surgical procedures.

The Science of Enhanced Recovery

Recent studies highlight the effectiveness of perioperative amino acid infusions in maintaining muscle integrity and accelerating recovery. For instance, research demonstrates that amino acid infusions can reestablish muscle net balance during surgeries such as total hip arthroplasty 1. This is critical as maintaining muscle mass and function is essential for recovery.

AA IV therapies have been shown to sustain a positive protein balance for extended periods in critically ill patients 2, indicating their potential beyond immediate postoperative care into broader critical care settings.

Advanced Protocols for AA IV Use

Integrating AA IV therapies into perioperative and intraoperative care protocols offers several benefits:

  • Enhanced Muscle Preservation: By maintaining muscle protein synthesis during surgery, AA IV therapy prevents muscle atrophy and supports overall recovery.
  • Improved Clinical Outcomes: Studies, such as those reviewing the prevention of hypothermia and the improvement of clinical outcomes during surgery under general anesthesia 3, show that AA IV can be integral in improving surgical outcomes.
  • Versatility in Application: Whether it's a short-term surgery or long-term critical care, AA IV therapies are adaptable to various clinical needs, providing tailored nutritional support that is crucial during recovery phases.

At XR®, our commitment extends beyond products to empowering you with knowledge and innovations that transform recovery experiences. Embrace the next level of surgical recovery protocols with our scientifically backed, nutrient-rich solutions. Trust us to support you every step of the way.

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