Comprehensive Nutritional Optimization for Patients Recovering from Surgery.

  • Surgeon Formulated

  • Clinically Studied Ingredients

  • Optimal Effective Dosage

  • Optimize Periop Nutritional Status

  • Great Tasting Flavor

  • Easy-to-Follow Protocol

3-Week Program Includes:

*3 week supply of Xcelerated Recovery™ Therapeutic Musculoskeletal Supplement powder drink mix

*3 single servings of (Pre-op) Carbohydrate Loading powder drink mix

*1 (23oz) Shaker bottle

*Muscle-Centric Diet Calculator

*Diet / Meal guidelines

*Patient support text reminders

  • NSF Certified for Sport

  • Vegan Friendly

  • Made in the USA

  • Kosher

  • Patent Pending

  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

Xcelerated Recovery™ Therapeutic Musculoskeletal Recovery Supplement Drink Mix (29g per serving)

*XR™ contains clinically studied ingredients at optimal effective doses

*Optimized nutritional status for improved surgical outcomes

*Helps stimulate muscle growth

*Promotes wound healing

*Supports faster recovery

*Vegan friendly formulation

*Great tasting Cranberry Lychee flavor

XR™ Carbohydrate Loading Drink Mix (54g per serving)

*Avoid fasting prior to surgery

*Designed to be consumed the evening prior to surgery, and 2 hours before surgery [1]

*Adheres to ERAS® (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery) guidelines

*Supports the surgical stress response

*Reduce thirst, hunger and anxiety

*Minimize nausea and vomiting

*Refreshing Coconut Lime Flavor

How to use the XR Bundle:

Pre-op: 1 wk before surgery 

Night before surgery: 2x Carb loading before bedtime

Day of Surgery: up to 2 hrs before surgery 

Consume 1 XR + 1 Carb-load drink

Post-op: 2 wks post-op minimum

Directions: Mix XR with 10oz beverage. Mix Carbohydrate with 14oz beverage for optimized osmolality. 

Ingredients in XR™ Have Been Proven To:

  • Help Maintain Muscle Mass

  • Improve Modifiable Risk Factors

  • Support Return to Functional Recovery

  • Support Anabolic Muscle Synthesis

  • Accelerate Wound Healing

  • Science-Backed Dosage & Timing

Can I just eat a healthy diet?

In order to get the same amount of nutrients in 1 days worth of XR™, you would need to eat the equivalent of:

30 Bananas

6 Oranges

2.2  lbs broccoli

2 lbs watermelon

6000 Avocados

14 eggs

4 lbs Salmon

2 cups almonds

4 cups lentils

60g whey protein 

And a multivitamin!

Ingredients Backed by Science and Research:

Are You A Healthcare Provider?

Learn more about how the Xcelerated Recovery Pre-Surgical Optimization Program can help you and your patients.

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