• It's also a brain booster!

    "I have been taking this XR product for a couple of months now and I absolutely love it!!

    I'm a former runner, dancer, and cheerleader with a history of sports injuries. I've had shoulder issues from lifting, hip flexor strains from running, tore both hamstrings from not properly stretching. The list goes on.

    I started taking XR in hopes it would help with my hamstring recovery. I started taking this during my workouts and I felt almost an immediate difference. Not so much in my hamstring, but in my brain!! I could feel myself focusing on my workouts differently. I would go to work and noticed how clear my head was. I'm a super busy mom of 2 and I'm on the go constantly. I have 9 billion things running through my head at all times of the day. It felt so nice to be able to focus!!

    I did also start to notice my muscles feeling so good, during and after my workouts. I felt stronger and tighter. I didn't feel like I was bulking up. It was just a good feeling. I felt my mood was better and my stress levels were down.

    This stuff is like magic. I have taken....everything; energy drinks, pre-workouts, recovery proteins, etc. None of them compared to this product. I love it! I recommend this to anyone who has trouble recovering their muscles and/or needs a brain boost!!"

  • Fueling Explosive workouts and Enhanced Recovery!!

    "Fitness has now been a priority in my life for 24 years!. Started at the age of 20 and now 44, this journey of fitness first started as a selfish/aesthetic propelled adventure but quickly thereafter transformed into both a physical and mental outlet that became therapeutic in every aspect of the word….

    Just wanted to touch upon a bit of history to illuminate the importance of fitness in my life prior to reviewing the actual product….

    Over the course of these past 24 years I have tried many supplements, preworkouts, and recovery products ,, none have yet to give me the results I’ve experienced in such a short
    Time from this product…. This product is extremely well balanced containing Ingredients to help fuel your workout thus serving as an intra-workout supplement but also includes ingredients to help ignite recovery once the muscle breakdown starts to take place…. The engorgement/pump exhibited as a by-product of consuming this supplement is phenomenal and very noticeable…. This aside, it tastes great , mixes very easily, and extremely convenient being that it comes already packaged in single dose packs…. I’m excited to see what the future in my fitness journey entails now that I have actually found a product that is legitimate, research based , and works immediately!!"

  • My "go to" for muscle & injury recovery

    "My body takes quite a beating training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu a few times a week. I had pulled my inner thigh pretty badly a week prior to taking XR. I took XR for 14 days and definitely experienced accelerated muscle and injury recovery . I would drink 12 ounces of water with the whole XR packet 1 hour prior to Jiu Jitsu training. Within 3-4 days, my inner thigh was healed (I was also icing and taking anti-inflammatories) and noticed a significant difference in my energy level and muscle recovery. It is pretty typical for me to feel muscle fatigue and soreness a few hours after training Jiu Jitsu. With XR, I noticed I wasn't sore right after and barely sore the following day. XR is now my "go to" for muscle and injury recover as well as for complimenting very demanding workouts, such as Jiu Jitsu, resistance training and vigorous hikes." -Daphne

  • Key to my post surgical recovery!

    "XR recovery supplement is key to my great recovery. I'm a physical therapist and had a hip replacement. XR gave me a big boost post PT sessions and really gave me confidence that I was getting all of the important protiens to optimize my healing. If you're having surgery, this should be part of your recovery." -CIndy

  • Comprehensive product!

    "As a sports medicine clinician with rehab and strength experience, I am continually evaluating products that could enhance recovery and improve performance. XR seems to check both of those “boxes” as a supplement in my opinion, and does so without including ingredients of reduced quality. I am also impressed with the appropriate dosing of each individual ingredient for the purposes of healing, recovery, reducing inflammation and muscle synthesis. Such a comprehensive product." -Adam

  • Transformative

    "I've been using BCAAs for years to support recovery, but this formula blows that away. I'm deep into the biohacking space using peptides and ToT to optimize health and fitness, and this is the best product I've found to speed recovery. Simply amazing how fast it helps the body heal and get ready for more." -Ian

  • Great taste and easy to drink!

    "This is the most comprehensive injury and recovery supplement I have found, and the only one with NSF certification which is a big deal to me. Tastes great and is easy to drink too! I have replaced my preworkout with XR and feel terrific." -Anonymous

  • Best recovery ingredients and ratios

    "If you are doing any kind of research or listening to people like Peter Attia and Huberman you will see that this thing will work quick wonders to help with musculoskeletal recovery of any kind; regular or intense workouts, injury and even surgery (which was its original idea) once you see the list of ingredients. I won't list them here, just read the label, but look at the ratio of leucine to methionine! No natural compound has this! Besides being a registered nurse and a health and longevity tools discoverer I also know how to read studies and the ingredients in this mix and their ratios have been in so many of them. But this is the first time I see them in one formula. This is exciting, no kidding! (Thankfully it tastes great, too.)" -Jake