XR Affiliate Program


Affiliate marketing has become a well-established approach for individuals, healthcare professionals and businesses to earn income by utilizing their pre-existing social and professional networks and online followers. This approach enables individuals to monetize their knowledge and leverage their connections to generate revenue while simultaneously introducing their audience to valuable resources and products.


Xcelerated Recovery is pleased to offer the XR Affiliate Program, which provides a simple and efficient way to generate additional income while helping people improve their health. By promoting our clinically proven products to your patients, athletes, followers, on your website, blog, or e-newsletter, you can quickly earn revenue. 

As an affiliate of the XR Affiliate Program, you can help people achieve improved health while earning extra income. By promoting our products on your website, blog, or e-newsletter, you can earn a commission on all sales made through a link that directs customers to The XR Company eStore. You'll receive payment for the first purchase a customer makes, as well as any subsequent purchases tracked for up to 30 days. With an average order size of over $193, your earnings can quickly add up.

Our internal affiliate tracking software manages the XR Affiliate Program, offering you a user-friendly platform that provides 24-hour access to reporting and creative tools, including ad banners and text links. 

If you prefer to sell products through offline channels, we can provide you with a unique customer code that your customers or patients can enter at checkout. This code offers customers a discount on their entire purchase, and you earn a commission on all sales made with your specific code. Given Xcelerated Recovery's popularity with orthopaedic surgeons, professional athletes, athletic trainers, and healthcare professionals, this is an excellent opportunity to generate a high volume of repeat sales in a short period.


If you are a healthcare professional or someone who is passionate about recovery and wellness and interested in learning more about nutritional optimization and revenue generation opportunities.

If you are an athlete advocate for recovery and wellness and interested in ways to help others be there best.

If you run a website , social media platform, or blog that focuses on health & wellness, injury recovery, nutrition, aging, or sports topics, the XR Affiliate Program may be an ideal fit for your content.

Our products cater to a broad range of consumer demographics, so if you share our passion for the XR brand and the science behind it, you are likely to experience success as an affiliate.


There are many reasons to sign up for the XR Affiliate Program, including our competitive, tiered-commission structure designed for healthcare professionals, influencers, websites, and eCommerce sites.

30-day return cookie

Average order size of $193

*We also work with offline sales methods


Send an email at xceleratedrecovery@gmail.com , Give a brief overview of your background and an idea of how you plan to sell XR recovery products. Your email will be quickly reviewed so you begin earning commissions right away.