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Xcelerated Recovery™

XR™ Recovery Pack | (2) 14-packs

XR™ Recovery Pack | (2) 14-packs

Nutritional optimization is the key to your recovery. XR™ helps stimulate muscle growth, promotes wound healing, and supports faster recovery*.

Recommended Dose: (2)Day X (2)Weeks

Cranberry Lychee Flavor

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Product Details

  • (2) 14 pack boxes of XR™ Therapeutic Musculoskeletal Recovery Supplement powder drink mix
  • (1) 23oz BPA free shaker bottle
  • Vegan Friendly
  • No added sugars, artificial flavors, or dyes
  • Excellent source of Vitamin A, C, D3, B6, & Zinc

Cranberry Lychee Flavor


Alpha Ketoglutarate (AAKG), Leucine-Enriched EAA Complex, L-Arginine, Creatine Monohydrate, Cystine/Theanine (CT), L-Citrulline, L-Glutamine, Calcium HMB, Zinc, Vitamin D3, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Boron citrate, Beet Root Powder, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, Ștevia Leaf Extract, Malic Acid, Sucralose, Silicon Dioxide.


Mix (1) serving (29.6 g) with 10-12oz. of water or preferred beverage.

  • Color of this product may vary due to color variations of the natural ingredients
  • Always consult a licensed health care professional before starting any supplement, dietary, or exercise program, especially if you are pregnant, lactating, take prescription medication or have any pre-existing injuries or medical conditions.
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XR™ is a targeted nutritional supplementation formulated with amino acids and clinically proven ingredients to support wound healing and muscle recovery.

  • NSF Certified for Sport

  • Surgeon Formulated

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Vegan Friendly

  • Non-Stimulant

  • Patent Pending

Watch this video:

"Once I started using XR, I  immediately saw a change in my energy levels and my overall progress. I used XR right before my physical therapy sessions and workouts. And noticed more energy and felt slightly improved on a daily basis. It gave me a constant source of energy to push forward. I truly enjoyed the taste and looked forward to drinking it."

- Kabaei MD

  • Muscle loss begins in as little as 48-hours of inactivity/injury, with the most significant loss within five days.

    50% drop in muscle protein synthesis by 2 wks.


    Biol Sci Med Sci. 2008

  • NASA studies aimed to preserve muscle mass have demonstrated Targeted Nutritional Supplementation to preserve muscle loss even in extreme conditions such as 28 of days of bed rest.


    J Clin Endocrinol Metab 2004

  • Faster Return To Functional Recovery

  • Support Wound Healing

  • Less Pain

  • Improved Muscle Strength

  • Preserved Muscle Loss


What is the Xcelerated Recovery™ Therapeutic Musculoskeletal Recovery Supplement? 

  • XR™ contains clinically studied ingredients at optimal effective doses
  • Optimized nutritional status for improved surgical outcomes
  • Helps stimulate muscle growth
  • Promotes wound healing
  • Supports faster recovery
  • Vegan friendly formulation
  • Excellent source of Vitamin A, C, D3, B6, & Zinc
  • Great tasting Cranberry Lychee flavor
  • Powder Drink Mix (29g per single serving packet)

What does NSF Certified for Sport® mean?

The Certified for Sport® certification is the only independent third-party certification program recognized by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA),Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League, and the Canadian Football League. Certified for Sport® is also recommended by the NFL,NBA,PGA,LPGA,CCES,CPSDA,iNADO,Ironman,NASCAR,Taylor Hooton Foundation, and many other organizations seeking to mitigate the risks of contaminated dietary supplements.

There are numerous quality components of the Certified for Sport® certification program, which verifies that:

  • Products do not contain any of 290 substances banned by major athletic organizations
  • The contents of the supplement actually match what is printed on the label
  • There are no unsafe levels of contaminants in the tested products
  • The product is manufactured at a facility that is GMP Certified and audited annually or bi-annually based on grade for quality and safety by NSF

What are the ingredients in your products and how do they support recovery?

Our XR musculoskeletal recovery supplement contains a proprietary blend of Leucine rich Essential Amino Acids, BCAAs, AAKG, Glutamine, Creatine, HMB, Vitamins and minerals. These ingredients have been clinically researched and shown to support optimal recovery after surgery by helping to reduce muscle atrophy, inflammation, and promoting wound healing.(Click here to read more about the ingredients and their benefits)

Is the nutritional supplement powder suitable for vegetarians/vegans?

XRproducts are vegan friendly, soy and dairy free.

Is Xcelerated Recovery™ sweetened? 

Xcelerated Recovery™ Musculoskeletal Supplements and Carbohydrate Loading contain no added sugars, artificial flavors or dyes. XR™ is also is free of stimulants and contains NO caffeine. 

Is Xcelerated Recovery™ a meal replacement?

Xcelerated Recovery™ Nutritional Supplements  are not a recommended sole source of nutrition or meal replacement and are best used to supplement a well-balanced diet.

Clinically Researched Ingredients