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Xcelerated Recovery™

Carb Loading 3 Pack

Carb Loading 3 Pack

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3-Week Surgical Program Includes:

*3 week supply of Xcelerated Recovery™ Therapeutic Musculoskeletal Supplement powder drink mix

*3 single servings of (Pre-op) Carbohydrate Loading powder drink mix

*1 (23oz) Shaker bottle

*Muscle-Centric Diet Calculator

*Patient support text reminders

Carbohydrate Loading Drink Mix (53g)

*Avoid Fasting prior to surgery

*Mix easily with water & ice

*Designed to be consumed the evening prior to surgery, and 2 hours before surgery [1]

*Adheres to ERAS® (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery) guidelines 

*Supports Hunger, Thirst and Anxiety

*Helps Reduce Nausea and Vomiting

*Refreshing Coconut water flavor

The Science

Carbohydrate loading is a modern alternative to preoperative fasting (NPO) protocols utilizing an anesthesia approved maltodextrin formulation. This approach prepares patients for the metabolic demands of surgery by providing a sustained energy source and placing patients  in a metabolically nourished state. Similar to an athlete preparing for a competitive event, the goal of carbohydrate loading is to be optimally fueled to face the metabolic stress of surgery.

Learn about Pre Op Carb Loading


What is Carbohydrate Loading?

Carbohydrate loading, also known as carb loading, is a nutrition technique that aims to optimize glycogen reserves in the body, allowing athletes to perform at higher intensities and for longer periods. Instead of fasting, this method involves consuming increased amounts of carbohydrates in meals and snacks, typically for 1-3 days prior to a competition or performance. This technique has also been applied to pre-surgical procedures to improve post-operative recovery and reduce catabolic effects on the body.

When to pre-op carb load?

Consuming a drink containing 50 grams of complex carbohydrates the evening before a surgical procedure is a safe and effective substitute for the traditional pre-surgery fasting (NPO*) protocol. By providing the body with a source of nourishment, complex carbohydrates help maintain a fed state and mitigate the stress response, including insulin resistance, that can result from surgery.

Is Xcelerated Recovery® a meal replacement?

Xcelerated Recovery™ Nutritional Supplements  are not a recommended sole source of nutrition or meal replacement and are best used to supplement a well-balanced diet.

Does Xcelerated Recovery® have added sugars? 

Xcelerated Recovery® Carbohydrate Loading contains no added sugar, artificial flavoring or dyes.

Is the nutritional supplement powder suitable for vegetarians/vegans?

XRproducts are vegan friendly, soy and dairy free.

What does NSF Certified for Sport® mean?

The Certified for Sport® certification is the only independent third-party certification program recognized by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA),Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League, and the Canadian Football League. Certified for Sport® is also recommended by the NFL,NBA,PGA,LPGA,CCES,CPSDA,iNADO,Ironman,NASCAR,Taylor Hooton Foundation, and many other organizations seeking to mitigate the risks of contaminated dietary supplements.

There are numerous quality components of the Certified for Sport® certification program, which verifies that:

  • Products do not contain any of 290 substances banned by major athletic organizations
  • The contents of the supplement actually match what is printed on the label
  • There are no unsafe levels of contaminants in the tested products
  • The product is manufactured at a facility that is GMP Certified and audited annually or bi-annually based on grade for quality and safety by NSF

What are ERAS guidelines?

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery ERAS® is a multimodal perioperative care pathway designed to achieve early recovery for patients undergoing major surgery. 

ERAS® specifically recommends preoperative carbohydrate treatment in orthopaedic procedures.

  • Look for the NSF Certified for Sport® Mark

    The Certified for Sport®certification is the only independent third-party certification program recognized by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League and the Canadian Football League. Certified for Sport®is also recommended by the NFL, NBA, PGA, LPGA, CCES, CPSDA, iNADO, Ironman, NASCAR, Taylor Hooton Foundation and many other organizations seeking to mitigate the risks of contaminated dietary supplements.