Over 30 years of clinical data from a wide spectrum of subspecialties were researched to formulate Xcelerated Recovery™, an effective supplement specific for the demands of musculoskeletal injury and Orthopaedic surgery.

Targeted nutritional supplementation has been successfully used in multiple clinical settings.

Enhanced outcomes have been seen in burn, plastic, ulcer, and reconstructive surgery of head & neck cancer. The rationale for supplementing is based primarily on studies that show an increase in wound breaking strength and collagen formation in these challenging patient populations.

Future trends in Orthopaedics: Nutritional advancements as a key component in surgical optimization programs.

Similar concerns are seen with Orthopaedic patients.

Successful clinical outcomes depend on adequate collagen synthesis to allow for graft / tendon incorporation and wound / bone healing.

Enhanced Collagen Deposition with Specialized Amino Acid Mixture Supplementation

Double-blind, randomized control  trial.

Patients who received {Arg/Glut/HMB} supplementation for 2 weeks demonstrated:

*67% Increased Collagen Synthesis


Williams Ann Surg, 2002 

Nutritional Orthopaedics and Space Nutrition as Two Sides of the Same Coin* have focused on preservation of muscle mass and function.

NASA research has long identified key nutrients that support astronauts in zero-gravity environments to mitigate muscle loss. Clinical data has now demonstrated that targeted nutritional supplementation to be effective in orthopaedics to preserve muscle mass and improve strength post surgery.

High performance athletes, along with elderly patients, face the demands of minimizing muscle loss post injury or surgery in order to return to previous activity levels. The ultimate goal for orthopedic patients is return to functional recovery, which is predicated on regaining muscle volume and strength.

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Advances in Nutritional Science: Solutions for Preserving Muscle/ Function

  • Muscle loss begins in as little as 48-hours of inactivity/injury, with the most significant loss within five days.

    50% drop in muscle protein synthesis by 2 wks.


    Biol Sci Med Sci. 2008

  • NASA studies aimed to preserve muscle mass have demonstrated Targeted Nutritional Supplementation to mitigate muscle loss even in extreme conditions such as 28 of days of complete bed rest.  

    Supplemented group not only prevented loss of muscle,  but additionally gained muscle mass.


    J Clin Endocrinol Metab 2004

Clinical benefits of targeted nutritional optimization in Orthopaedic surgery:

  • Faster Functional Recovery

  • Preserved Muscle

  • Improved Muscle Strength

  • Less Pain

  • Improved Fusion Rates

  • Improved Serum Albumin

  • Lower Complications

  • Decreased Nonunion Rates